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EncompassIT offers IT and cyber security expertise to small and medium sized businesses. Our aim is to provide straight forward, easy to understand technology advice that will help to support and protect your business as it grows.

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George Scott

Our owner, George Scott, founded EncompassIT with a strong focus on providing cyber security services in the SME marketplace. As a business consultant, George has seen first-hand that many SME’s are not aware of basic security protocols and if their business was targeted, the dramatic impact it would have on the day to day running of their operation.

Like many other businesses, George had previously considered smaller enterprises not to be a target for cyber-attacks, not realising that the lack of security policies and securing company data can actually make them easier to target.

When George looked at his own business, he saw flaws in the cyber security protocols and set to work creating a secure perimeter and maintaining a safe cyber environment. This began with the internal infrastructure being bolstered and eradicating potential sources of risk. These are now on-going management processes, ensuring that internal policies and procedures are now followed to ensure that business data and intellectual property is managed correctly and secured effectively.

EncompassIT was founded because George was passionate to share his experience of navigating SME’s towards creating secure environments in their businesses. He has brought together a management team who have collectively worked in the IT industry for over 50 years. The team brings together a range of experience and knowledge which enables EncompassIT to understand the support that individual businesses need. Because a growing business of 20 employees will have different requirements for a growing business of 200. One size does not fit all!

Based in Glasgow, but with clients all over the UK, EncompassIT provides straight forward simple IT support and cyber security advice.

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