Cyber and IT Consultancy

Many businesses feel overwhelmed at the very thought of looking into their IT and cyber needs and the term ‘IT Consultant’ is terrifying. That’s where EncompassIT comes in! We offer practical advice and services that will take pressure off your business resources and leave you safe in the knowledge that your cyber and IT needs are taken care off. Our consultancy services include:

Our consultancy services include;

IT Audits for Improvement

Unsure of how your existing IT environment is adding value to your business? We can help. Our IT Audit Services can provide a full investigation of your IT infrastructure and capability to understand how it is working for you. As a consequence, our aim is to provide you with a plan of suggested improvements which are designed to ensure that the technology in your business is an asset and not an overhead.

New System Deployments

Looking to introduce new software to your business but don’t know where to start? We have the expertise to plan with you how to ensure any new systems are deployed correctly and achieve the purpose to which they were intended.

Cloud Services

Hearing all about Cloud and confused about how this will benefit you in your business? It can be a confusing message but ultimately there are strong cost and operational benefits to those who adopt a Cloud strategy. Our expertise around Cloud Services can provide you with an explanation on what cloud strategy could work for you.

Networks & Infrastructure

Is your connectivity slow or the hardware running your business not as efficient as it once was? Our team of experts can review your existing environment and outline positive improvements that can be made to speed up your day to day operations.

Business Resilience & Disaster Recovery

If you lost all your business data tomorrow or could not access your systems, what would you do? Our range of services and Disaster Recovery solutions can ensure that you are up and running again and operational swiftly in the event of such a disaster.

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