Cyber Security Systems

What are Cyber Security Systems and Why Are They Vital?

Cyber-security is a core component of every business. Whether you operate online or save to the cloud or have dozens of networked computers around your site, you’re at risk of cyber threats. Up to 45% of SMEs believe they’re not a viable target of a cyber attack and so they don’t take the right precautions and effective cyber security systems and strategies. However, all businesses that have Internet-facing elements are at risk of different types of cyber-attack. If you want to protect your company, you must have the right cyber security for your unique business model.

EncompassIT break cyber security down into three critical elements to create an effective cyber-security system for your business: people, processes and technology. If one of the elements is absent, the rest of the system won’t function correctly, so we ensure that all the blocks are in place and are treated with equal importance.

In any business, your users are your first line of cyber defence, which is why we work with them as partners in the battle against cyber-crime. Making your staff aware of basic cyber-security principles is a core part of any cyber-security strategy we would implement. From there, we ensure that your processes match your intent, therefore we would review all your processes to ensure your networks are protected and we could respond rapidly to any attack. The third element is applying the right technological solutions tailored to your systems to ensure cyber-resilience.

EncompassIT cyber-security includes elements that you’re likely familiar with in a personal capacity. In the same way that you protect your personal computer with antivirus software and a firewall, those are just two ways your company would be protected from cyber threats. However, your business systems must be far more advanced than the ones you apply at home because there are so many entry points and so much at risk for your company. Cyber-security within your organisation should include antivirus software, next-generation firewalls, email security solutions, DNS filtering and malware protection as the bare minimum.

To understand your cyber-security needs, it’s imperative you work with an IT security partner that gains a comprehensive overview of your company and its unique needs. At EncompassIT we believe that a system that isn’t tailored specifically to your business has the potential to fail, which is why we offer bespoke solutions because in our experience no two businesses are the same.

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