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Network Security Monitoring Tailored to Your Business

Network security monitoring represents an integral aspect of your company’s cyber-security, yet it is often misunderstood by non-specialists who are often more familiar with reacting to cyber risks rather than proactively monitoring for them. It can also be something that they don’t know how to approach, especially for smaller companies with no on-site IT support technicians. However, network security monitoring has the potential to be a formidable weapon against cyber threats to your company.

Network security monitoring involves the collection and analysis of data to see how your systems are used and, consequently, to identify when they are misused or under attack. Within a modern business setting, the threats to network security are numerous and far-reaching. For instance, as well as the external threats of hackers and malware infiltrating your systems, there are other threats you may not always perceive such as careless or sometimes even malicious employees, the weaknesses within some third-party service providers and the issues raised by outdated devices. Your business needs continuous automated monitoring designed to suit your individual business systems and the way you work.

EncompassIT work with SMEs to implement network security monitoring solutions that fit their unique requirements. Unlike other cyber-security specialists, we don’t only work with one product. That means we’re able to analyse your individual business needs and choose a solution that works for your company instead of one that we’re committed to reselling.

Like all aspects of cyber-security, network monitoring is in a state of constant change. Professionals working in the industry recognise that companies need to adapt their practices in line with the shifting threats. EncompassIT is dedicated to helping our clients find the best solutions for them that will continue to expand as their networks and systems expand. Without these monitoring solutions in place, your business remains at risk of network infiltration.

Technological advances may have improved the sophistication of the hackers, but they have also greatly improved the detection and prevention methods that cyber-security professionals can put in place to fight them. Where resources allow, more and more companies are investing in the capability to be proactive rather than reactive. Armed with the right tools and the right external information, network monitoring solutions by EncompassIT can flag up issues before they occur.

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