Non-Profit Organisations

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important issue for non-profit organisations as more and more of them become reliant on modern technology. Non-profits are increasingly sharing vast amounts of data over the internet with many of them also turning to remote service providers or transitioning data to third parties/cloud vendors.

Non-Profit Organisations

The importance of cyber protection for non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations are often at serious risk of cyber breaches. Not only do they handle large amounts of sensitive data every single day, but they also don’t always have the resources to be able to sufficiently protect themselves. For example, most non-profits tend to rely heavily on volunteers and don’t always have enough qualified IT staff. They may not have sufficient budget for proper staff training or they may not be able to afford to update their operating system, computers or network leaving them vulnerable to an attack. A serious data loss can be devastating for a non-profit organisation as they rely heavily on customer donations. If customers can’t trust your organisation to protect their data, they are unlikely to donate.

non-profit organisations
non profit organisations
Non-Profit Organisations

How can we help?

EncompassIT recognises the many challenges non-profits face when it comes to cyber security and can help provide training and guidance along with a wide range of IT based security products. Not only will we help protect your data we can also help to ensure your critical systems and procedures are reliable, secure, and compliant with current GDPR regulations.

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