Cyber Security for SME’s

81% of hacking-related breaches are caused simply by either stolen or weak passwords



Small and medium sized businesses have around a 50% chance of experiencing a cyber security breach



Cyber Security for SME’s

If you’re an SME, then chances are Cyber Security might not necessarily be the first thing on your list of priorities, but EncompassIT is here to provide you with some compelling reasons why it should be. Many SME’s still hold the common misconception that they aren’t a target for attackers because they are “too small” or that attackers only target big businesses. Recent statistics published by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) completely disprove this theory, however, with the organisation claiming that “if you’re a small or medium sized business there’s around a 50% chance that you’ll experience a cyber security breach”.

Cyber Security for SMEs
Cyber Security SMEs

Why Cyber Security is an essential to practice for SME’s

Many SME’s struggle for both time and resources which means they often overlook the need to invest in sufficient cyber security. Consequently, attackers see SME’s as an easy target for them to exploit. Many larger organisations also have systems that are interconnected with small or mid-size businesses. By hacking into the security systems of SME’s, hackers are then able to gain access to those of larger organisations.

Another problem for many SME’s is that they don’t always have sufficiently qualified IT staff to be able to implement and carry out proper cyber security policies. Misleading statistics and complicated technical jargon can leave many business owners confused and consequently they end up neglecting cyber security altogether. That’s where we come in. EncompassIT provides SME’s with straight forward, easy to understand technology advice that will help support and protect your business as it grows. With the introduction of GDPR regulations, all businesses are now legally obliged to review and update their cyber security policies to ensure the safety of their client’s data. Failure to do so can lead to massive fines which is why more and more businesses are turning to us for assistance.


How can we help?

Cyber security needn’t be costly and the protection it affords you against a potential breach is priceless. The implications of a cyber breach stretch too far more than just cost. They can severely damage your company’s reputation. The risk of a cyber-attack can be significantly reduced by relatively simple things such as introducing proper training for employees and educating staff on the importance of password protection. For example, recent studies have shown that a massive 81% of hacking-related breaches are caused simply by either stolen or weak passwords. Here at EncompassIT we understand the broad and varied needs of SME’s with regards to cyber security and can offer a wide range of services including training and implementation of security systems.

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